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TaskForce is an app that helps you manage your todo list.

TaskForce is designed for everyone, so if you work, study, or do chores, try it out! (It's free!)

Your life, in 3 lists.

TaskForce divides your tasks into 3 sections.

Objective Tasks

Objective tasks are tasks you can get done in one sitting.

Take out the trash
Email my boss
Read 15 pages of War and Peace

Long Term Tasks

Long Term tasks are tasks you have to work on over a long period of time.

Lose 20 lbs.
Work on Book Report
Study for Final Exam

Fun Tasks

Fun tasks are things you do in your pastime.

Browse Social Media
Play Golf
Watch TV

Go with the flow.

TaskForce guides you in conquering your tasks with Focus Mode.

Focus Mode is designed for maximum productivity. It guides you through your Objective and Long Term Tasks, then rewards you with your Fun Tasks.

There are no distractions in Focus Mode. With a streamlined interface and no ads, you'll be able to concentrate like never before.

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